How much sand has to be put on beaches every year?



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    None, sand is created on beaches by rocks rubbing together and being pulverized by the waves. Over many years large rocks get worn down into small grains of sand, and then get deposited at beaches.

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    While some beaches replenish naturally, as ocean rocks and shells abrade and turn into fine particles, other beaches are washed away by storms or changes in the ocean current.

    Most of the time, it does not make a significant enough economic or environmental difference that people intervene. When a beach has economic value, for example as a tourist destination, things change. Much like the ski resorts that are willing to spend huge amounts of energy running snow machines to keep skiers happy, resorts and local businesses are willing to spend huge amounts to protect their beaches.

    But actually carting new sand to a beach is incredibly expensive. It’s not as if there’s some major railroad line that can conveniently dump 1000 freight car’s of sand conveniently a hundred yards from the surf!

    Instead, what businesses and ecologists do is alter the pattern of erosion and deposit, for example by putting groins (long jetties of rock) at intervals along nearby coast.

    As it happens, sometimes there are people who don’t want unnatural changes to the seashore. And that gets you into … the URL below.

    But as for how much sand is moved? The original question? Not very much, and only at places that can afford to move huge amounts of material.

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