How much of a salmons life is spent in the ocean?



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    Salmon are unique fish in their ability to adapt and live in both fresh and saltwater.  Salmon are hatched in upper rivers or streams.  After emerging from under gravel / sand they are known as fry(s).  As a fry they journey downstream to larger pools of freshwater to continue maturing.  Maturation in freshwater varies on the species, but takes about 2-20 months.  After development in the freshwater, the fry makes its way to the river mouth where saltwater waits.  Continuing to mature the fry becomes known as a smolt.  Smolts’s development allows them to adjust to the saltwater where they will turn into adults – Salmons.  Salmons live most of their adult lives in saltwater, about 1-5 years (again depending on the species).  However, they do return to freshwater to spawn   

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