How much rest does our body need between workouts?



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    Yes, you definitely do because rest is essential for muscle growth.  On average, it takes a week for a muscle to recover from a weight training workout.  Therefore, you should switch up the areas you work on to avoid overworking the muscle.  Also, sleep is very important.  After you workout, make sure to get at least 8 hours that night.  And lastly, take small rests between sets so you don’t get lactic acid build up.

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    Trainers and nutritionists suggest 48-96 hours in-between heavy workouts. This allows your body time to rest and recuperate from the stress you’ve put it under. They say this is especially important to beginners, muscle soreness often takes 24 hours to set in and can be sore for another two days after that a lot of times. It is also good to alternate muscle groups that you work out so you can work out more often but still allow your muscles to rest. 

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    Also, certain muscle groups are inherently stronger than others (your legs will for instance always be stronger than your arms). It is important not to overwork any part of your body no matter how much rest you get. You could get injured, or simply overwork your muscle to the point where it is no longer beneficial anymore.

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    Well Gael, it depends. For an aerobic workout, such as swimming, biking or running, you can go out every day and shred some pavement, with perhaps a day or two of rest on the weekends. For a anaerobic workout, specifically weightlifting, each muscle group worked should be given a week to ensure full recovery. Hope I helped and have a green day!

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    Depends on how tough the workout was and how sore you feel.  If you stretch properly and don’t push yourself too hard, you should be able to work out every day.  However, you should never work out if you feel sick or sore.  This might aggravate your conditions and make you feel worse.  It might also help to do different kinds of exercise every day to cross-train.

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