How much recycling does china do?



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    According to the article I found, less than 20% of China’s waste is trashed.  There are around 2.5 million people that roam the streets looking for things to recycle!  The average pay is about $150 a month which is half of what a cab driver makes, so its pretty lucrative to recycle.

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    Quite a bit of recycling. Less than 20% (this is the statistic the website gave me, I don’t think it’s accurate at all) of what China uses ends up in a landfill, simply because what they have is too valuable to trash. For comparison, the US has a 100 billion dollar recycling industry, wherease China has a 5.4 billion dollar recycling industry. Many people who are poor have to collect recyclable products to survive, though. They can make $150 a month in US dollars collecting recyclable things. They’re working hard to improve their recycling program, though.

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