How much radiation is too much radiation?



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    According to the Nuclear Energy Institute, there is no “consistant” scientific evidence that people are harmed by exposure to radiation below 10,000 millirem. (A millirem is 1/1000 of a rem: the product of the absorbed dose of radiation in rads (a unit of radiation) and a weighing factor)
    By Comparison, the NRC limit for public exposure is 100 millirem.
    Finally, the NRC notes that 1millirem is equivalent to the following:

    • 3 days of living in Atlanta
    • 2 days of living in Denver
    • 1 year of watching television (on average)
    • 1 year of wearing a watch with a luminous dial
    • 1 coast-to-coast airline flight
    • 1 year living next door to a normally operating nuclear power plant
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