How much quicker would our landfills fill up if we didn’t recycle?



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    I do not have a definitive rate to give you, but 251 million tons of garbage was generated nationwide in 2006 and 32.5 percent of that was diverted by recycling or composting (which is approximately 82 million tons). In 2003, the figure was at 72 million tons of diverted trash, meaning it increased by 10 million tons in 3 years. Now that it’s 2010, let’s assume that the number is around 95 million tons of waste getting recycled.

    How quickly a landfill reaches capacity varies by location, as some landfills are larger than others. It will also depend on the population density in the area, as more people will generally create more trash. Based on the numbers above, I would hazard a guess that landfills would fill up 35-38% faster (assuming that the volume of trash recycled per year has been increasing with the volume of total trash generated per year). Hope this makes sense!

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    If the world would not be aware of the recycling the landfills would’ve been on dangerous level.

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