How much propane is used by the average American household every year?



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    US propane consumption was just over 1 million barrels per day in Sept. 2010, or 365,000,000 barrels for a year, divided by 309,000,000 Americans = about 1.2 barrels per person per year.

    But this is not really a good measure, as there are many Americans (millions) who use no propane at all. The second citation indicates that about 1 million households use propane for heat. While that is not the only use of propane, it is probably by far the greatest. That would mean those 1 million households use the 1 million barrels per day, or 365 barrels per household per year. The average American household is about 2.6 people, so that would mean that for the people who use propane for heat, each one uses 365/2.6 = 140 barrels per year.

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