How much power is in the sun?



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    The sun produces absolutely massive amounts of energy. The earth alone receives 174 Petawatts of energy (or 10^15 watts). Of this, the earth absorbs 3,850,000 Exajoules (10^18 Joules) per year. For comparison, electricity consumption in 2005 was 56.7 Exajoules. This goes to show that solar power, if properly harnessed, could easily provide all of our energy needs.

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    Scientists can only approximate the power of the sun, but estimates put the total power at about 4.25 x 10^25 watts. Earth only receives about one two-billionth of this power.

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    The sun has a tremendous amount of power, estimates are around 3.6 x 10^26 W. The Earth only receives about one two-billionth of the total power of the sun. In just one hour the Earth receives more power from the sun than the entire world uses in one year.

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