How much power is the Hydro Electric dam on the Amazon going to produce?



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    The Belo Monte Dam on the Amazon will have an 11,000-megawatt power output.  That’s a little less than half the generating capacity of the Three Gorges Dam (22,500-megawatts when completed), which is the world’s largest hydroelectric dam.  It’s also about 10 times the power that is needed to transport Marty and the DeLorean back to 1985.

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    Just to be clear, there is no dam planned on the Amazon River. The Belo Monte Dam is planned on Xingu River, which is its southern tributary, and so is a part of the Amazon basin known for its rainforests. It is going to have an 11,000 megawatt maximum output and 4,500 MW on average (due to dry season) and is going to cost $17 billion.

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