How much power does a lap top computer use in an 8 hour work day?



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    When in use, a laptop computer uses about 20-70 watts, so over the course of an eight hour day that would end up being about 160-520 watt-hours, depending on what you use it for.  By comparison, a fridge would use about 3200 watt-hours in the same time frame.  There are a couple factors that can affect the amount of energy your computer uses, the most important being CPU usage.  Basically, the more stuff you have going all at one, the more power your computer will use.  Your screen brightness can also have a significant impact on how much power your computer uses — the brighter it is, the more energy it needs.

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    Older makes/models from ’07,’08 and ’09 were less efficient. Watts per hour were anywhere from 140/hour to 200/hour. In the last couple of years laptop manufacturers have been making much more power efficient computers, anywhere from 21 Watts (for a mini laptop) to 59 Watts an hour. So it completely depends on what make/model your laptop is. For an older laptop, about 1300 Watts over an 8 hour period of use. For a newer laptop, closer to 400 Watts over an 8 hour period of use. This is assuming you were using the computer that entire time.

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