How much power does the Hoover dam make in a day?



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    Electricity production by Hoover dam varies due to water levels and other factors. The maximum generation for Hoover dam was in 1984 when it produced 10.348 TWh that year. The least production was in 1956 when only 2.648 TWh were produced for the year.

    The average production is 4.2 TWh per year. This totals to 4,200,000,000,000 KWh (4,200GWh) per year or 11,498,973,306 KWh (11.5 GWh) per day.

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    Unfortunately, the total generated Kwh in USA from hydroelectric sources do not exceed 6 %, or 10% (if you add other renuable sources)…

    I wish we could be more like Iceland or Paraguay… 100% production from hydroelectric/renewable sources…. this just blows my mind


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