How much power a day does the United States need to power itself?



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    As of 2007, the US uses 20,680,000 barrels of oil per day. This figure has likely increased within the past couple of years.

    As for electricity, in 2004 we used 3,920,613,000,000 kWh, which divides down to about 10,741,405,500 kWh per day.

    This data might be a little dated, so if anyone has more recent stuff, that would obviously be a better answer.

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    Production, consumption, imports, exports and more for all fuels (except uranium), all nations, mostly as of 2009 but some for 2010 in the link.

    US petroleum consumption 2009 – 18.8 million b/d (the decrease from 2007 is because of the recession; late 2010 the amount is about 19.6 million b/day).  Electricity consumption in US, 2009, 3.7 trillion kWh.



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