How much power can one wind turbine generate?



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    The answer varies depending on the wind conditions and size of the turbine. This includes the density of the air, size of the turbine, and wind speed.

    The American Wind Energy Association provides a table showing various sizes and output possible:

    “This chart depicts a variety of historical turbine sizes and the amount of electricity they are each capable of generating (the turbine’s capacity, or power rating).

      1981 1985 1990 1996 1999 2000
    Rotor (meters) 10 17 27 40 50 71
    Rating (KW) 25 100 225 550 750 1,650
    Annual MWh 45 220 550 1,480 2,200 5,600

    Today (August 2005), turbines with capacities as large as 5,000 kW (5 MW) are being tested.”

    If you are looking for the maximum output possible from turbines, an article from the Norway Post mentions a Norweigian firm called Sway. They have a prototype that “will have a capacity of 10 MW and a rotor diameter of 145 meters.” This may be the largest yet.


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