How much pollution does one pack of cigarettes cause?



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    I wasn’t able to find exact numbers on the pollutants released from one pack of cigarettes, but in researching it I found out that, according to a recent study in Italy, the air pollution released from cigarettes is nearly ten times of that released by diesel car exhaust. Wild!

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    Exact pollution numbers are hard to find because there are so many contributors to pollution associated with cigarettes, from packaging, smoke, chemicals, litter, fires, personal health, and on and on.  

    -Many a forest fire and domestic fire have been the cause of a flicked butt (1,000 people die in the USA each year from fires caused by cigarette butts).  Forest fires are massive emitters of Carbon Dioxide to the environment.

    -discarded cigarette butts get washed into storm drains, sewers, fresh water, lakes, oceans, etc… These butts take a very long time to decompose, if ever and have been found on remote islands, in the bellies of poisoned animals, and in our fresh water sources leaching their stored chemicals to the surrounding areas.  (

    -Also, one less thought of issue is the destruction of healthy forest used for drying cigarettes.  “To dry 300 cigarettes the wood of one tree is needed, which means that a smoker who smokes at least 21 cigarettes in one day destroyes one tree in 14 days.” 

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