How much pollution do we save by driving hybrids?



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    The main advantage of hybrids is their gas mileage.  The amount of carbon that a gallon of gasoline produces when burned remains the same but if you get more miles per gallon, then you burn less with the same use.  Studies show a gallon of gasoline creates 20 pounds of carbon dioxide. reports that cars and trucks use 8.2 millions barrels of oil per day, which in turn becomes 300 million metric tons of carbon dioxide.  If the gas mileage of all of those vehicles doubles, from say 25 mpg to 50mpg, half of the oil would be used and the amount of carbon dioxide produced would also be halved.

    Hybrid cars use batteries that non-hybrids don’t have and it is important that they be properly recycled so that the batteries do not become a new form of pollution.

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