How much pollution do nuclear plants cause?



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    They produce very little, if any, conventional pollution: no pounds of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, or sulfur dioxides are produced per megawatt hour! The types of pollution that nuclear power plants produce comes from both the heated water that has already gone through a nuclear reactor and spent nuclear fuel. A typical power plant produces around 2,000 metric tons of spent nuclear fuel. Including the materials necessary for disposing of spent nuclear fuel, nuclear power plants make a little less than 23 tons of solid waste per year. 

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    Nucelar power is perhaps one of the cleaner sources of energy.  However, lots of stigma is still attached to nuclear power because of the blunders of days past. The major disaster of Chernobyl and near-disaster of Three Mile Island have tarnished nucelar energy for a lot of countries.

    The US is slowly warming up to nuclear power, but the stigma still stands.

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