How much pollution do the go carts at boomers put out?



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    The fumes emitted from go karts contain Carbon Monoxide (CO), Nitrogen Oxides (NOX) and Hydrocarbons (HC), all of which are hazardous in raised concentrations.

    A typical Honda air-cooled single cylinder engine is expected to go from idle speed to 5000rpm at least once a lap, therefore making the critical air/fuel ratio very hard to control, especially by a simple carburetor! As a result, CO emissions are about 5 times that allowed from a modern car. With multiple karts running on an indoor track at the same time, CO levels can reach dangerous levels.

    To assist in the green movement, Farmingdale State University’s Institute for Technology Transfer built this fuel cell powered electric kart for educational purposes and displayed it at the Bronx Clean Fair on Earth Day. The kart produces no emissions.

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