How much pollen does a flower produce?



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    It depends on a large variety of factors, including the species of flower, the weather conditions of the previous year, what stage of reproduction the plant is currently in, and so forth.

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    This is multi-factorial. Dicotyledonous flowers tend to produce less pollens when compared to their monocotyledonous counterparts. This is because most monocotyledonous flowers are wind pollinated, non-sticky and lighter in terms of weight. Another factor is the age of the plant. Plants producung flowers for the first time tend to produce fewer pollens because of the fewer branches they have, compared to more branches which develop as the plant gets more mature and older. The health status of the plant also determines how much pollen it produces. The healthier the plant the more polloen it produces. Think of this: if there is a disease attack on the terminal and apical buds of the plant there is the tendency of the plant to produce few pollens if at all it can produce.

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