How much petrified wood is illegally removed from Petrified Forest National Park every year?



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    Petrified Forest National Park doesn’t measure exactly how much petrified wood it contains, and anyone removing it illegally would not record how much he or she had removed and make that measurement public for fear of being caught, so there is no way to answer that question, other than that any amount of petrified wood removed illegally is too much.

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    It is very difficult to calculate how much petrified wood is removed each year. There are many small pieces that people could take and it would never be noticed or reported. Many portions of the park are remote and there is never enough money to have an ample number of rangers to watch all areas.

    We must hope that people would be responsible and only look at the amazing wonders of the park. If you see someone doing something illegal, report it immediately to a ranger so the activity can be stopped.

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