How much paper is wasted by using old regular snail mail?



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    It’s hard to put a number on this due to the complexity of counting postal mail. There are a lot of advertisements and things other than general correspondence that are passed through the mail. Additionally, there are some cases where there is no internet alternative. For example, many prisons and monasteries do not have internet access available to the monks and prisoners, so they must receive any correspondence by paper.

    However, it is clear that postal letter usage has greatly decreased in terms of general correspondence since the popularization of the internet. Even greeting cards are now being sent electronically.

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    I work in a law office, and you wouldn’t believe the amount of paper used on snail mail, making copies of every single document for filing, and draft after draft of rough documents before they are finalized. It is heart-wrenching, and I know that ours isn’t the only office using so much paper. The least offices can do is recycle, if protocol requires the use of paper (which I don’t really believe it does, since electronic filing is always an option).

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