how much paper is used for toilet paper every year?



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    The average American uses 50 pounds of toilet paper a year.  America is the top producer and user of toilet paper, with China and Japan coming in next. 

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    Too much! The solution is to get a Hand Bidet Sprayer. For under $50.00 you can be cleaner and greener and save allot of green(money) by almost eliminating toilet paper use. Who still thinks that wiping with just toilet paper is enough anyways? Someone who never does laundry maybe?     Hand Bidet Sprayer

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     Roll it Rite is the answer!! Roll it Rite is a foam insert that fits over your toilet paper roll bar.  It slows down the way your paper comes off the bar. It stops unrolling when you stop pulling, eliminating mess and waste often created by kids and pets.  Roll it Rite is the answer to wasted toilet paper!

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