how much paper does a school print in a year?



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    Since schools are usually not involved in the production of paper, I will assume you are referring to paper use. According to a study in England, its primary (elementary) schools use roughly 30lbs of paper per year per student and its secondary schools (high schools) use roughly 14.5lbs of paper per student per year. I have not yet been able to find similar numbers for US schools,  but I am willing to bet that the numbers would be slightly higher, given Brittan’s greater commitment to recycling and other green efforts.

    For information on how you can start recycling efforts at your local school, or if you are interested in US recycling facts and other information, check out the EPA’s website (the first link below). It is dry reading to be sure, but is full of good information if you are interested. The second link is to a PDF of the British study I referenced above.

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    According to an article on the Green Schools Initiative website, schools in Los Angeles, San Diego and Alameda go through over 110,000 pounds of paper a year! Not only that the new school items children buy for the school year including notebooks, copy paper,  and filler paper add to the pounds of paper waste. However, in California at least, all government agencies (which include public high schools), are required to purchase recycled products whenever they are available at the same or lesser cost than products that are non-recycled.

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