How much paper can you save if you use reusable towels instead of paper towels?



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    I found one article that claims “if each home simply replaced one roll of their traditional paper towels with paper towels made from recycled paper, we could avoid wasting 3.4 million cubic feet of landfill space and prevent 864,000 trees from being cut down.” That is a lot of wasted trees. You could go even further if you replaced not only your paper towels, but your facial tissues, and (eek!) your toilet paper.  I know it sounds taboo, but handkerchiefs for sneezing and toilet cloths for cleaning are making a comeback. If you are not ready to make that leap, you can buy recycled paper products. From my experience, the recycled toilet paper is much like the cheap 2-ply paper, so you would have to give up some quality in the switch. Good Luck!

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