How much of the ozone layer is depleted every year?



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    Although it is difficult to quantify annual ozone depletion, records do exist that outline total depletion. Global monitoring since the mid-1960s show that the ozone layer has decreased about 3% total in the northern middle latitudes and about 6% in southern middle latitudes. Antarctica has experienced the worst of the depleted ozone. 
    Since the late 1970s each September and October up to 66% of the ozone is depleted. 1992 and 1993 brought record lows. 

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    Each year the ozone hole is opening 14 to 20 kilometers each year over the Antarctic. This hole is opening in the center of the ozone which is contributing to skin cancer, and the coral reef depletion we are seeing. After scientist discovered what was causing the holes in the ozone they were able to draft global agreements against the use of those chemicals. Ultimately the ozone can repair the depletion if the use of those chemicals are reduced.

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