How much oxygen can our lungs hold?



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    Though our lungs cannot reach full capacity, the average person’s lungs (of adult age) can hold about four and a half liters.  An adult’s lung capacity is larger than a child’s.  Males typically have larger capacity than females do.  To measure one’s lung capacity, a device called a spirometer is used.  

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    The average set of human lungs can hold between 4 and 6 liters of air. If you’d like to know exactly how much your own lungs can hold, you can undergo a Spirometry test, which, among several other things, will tell you your “Total Lung Capacity.”

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    The average person can only inhale a maximum of 4-5.5 liters of air. However, if you live in very high elevation climates, play an instrument, or do breathing exercises, among other things, your lungs will increase in size.

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