How much of our oil comes from Texas?



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    In May of 2011, Texas produced 1,552,000 barrels per day, or not quite 29% of the US total (source: World Oil, July 2011)

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    As of the present moment only a small portion of our total oil consumption is produced by the State of Texas (roughly 12%); The rest mainly divided up amongst Alaska and California. But considering that nearly 60% of our oil supply comes from foreign nations this 12% represents over 25% of our domesticly produced product. Therefore over a quarter of our nations home produced supply comes from texas.


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      These references are very much out of date – one from before 2000. The rest of US oil is not mainly from Alaska and California; Louisiana is presently #2 with 1,340,000 barrels per day; CA and AK together do not have as much as either TX or LA alone.

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