How much of our beef comes from the states?



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    Beef production is one of the United States’ strongest industry. In 2000, the last time data was collected, there were over 830,000 farms with beef cows. That’s over 12 million cows on feed annually.

    But how much of the beef do we consume actually come from the United States? In 2008 the United States consumed roughly 27.3 billion pounds of beef. That same year, the United States produced 26.56 billion pounds, exporting 1.89 billion of those pounds. That means 24.7 billion pounds of the beef consumed by Americans came from the United States.

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    The US imports a large quantity of beef from Canada, and also from Australia, New Zealand and Uruquay.  3.048 billion pounds of beef (10.7 percent of total beef consumption) was imported to the US in 2007, which is a decline from previous years.  McDonalds fast food chain purchases foreign lean beef to meet production demands.

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