How much oil has been burned in the industrial era, and how much is that in relation to say a football stadium?



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    I’ll take “in the industrial era” to mean “post-Industrial Revolution.” Globally, we’ve consumed 1 trillion barrels of oil since 1859, which is when the first oil well went into production in Pennsylvania in the U.S. Over a third of the world’s energy needs continue to be met by oil. I’m not sure what you mean by “in relation to a football stadium!”

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    If you’re looking for an easy visualization for how much oil this would be, CNBC did a story in relation to the BP Oil Spill in 2010 that showed how what 184 million barrels looks like, including:


    -184 million milk jugs

    -279 Olympic sized swimming pools (8.6 miles end-to-end)

    -20,445 tanker trucks


    With some simple math, you can estimate that 1 trillion barrels is any of these multiplied by roughly 5,434.78; this will give you a slight underestimate, but the numbers look something like this:


    -1 trillion milk jugs

    -1,516,304 Olympic swimming pools

    -111,114,130 tanker trucks


    I hope this helps!

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      Many thanks. I have done some of my own maths and reckon that is the equivalent of an olympic size swimming pool which is long enough to go nearly twice around the world. Still trying to work out how many football stadia that is…..
      As a comparison, the Gulf of Mexico oil spill was equivalent to a can of coke in a football stadium -the football stadium being the gulf, of course

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