How much oil does the average car take?



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    If you go by the annual amount of oil consumed by the average passenger vehicle in the US, it is 1.696.97 gallons. For this answer, a passenger vehicle includes a car or light truck.  The following link is an additional link I used:

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    Depending on the

    cylinders but and average regular passenger car is 5 quarts Also you could check you manual book and it will let you know


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    ecoman83’s answer is just fine, but I need to point out some errors in the wikianswers link.

    1. Although it is corrected, it remains a suggestion there that a barrel of crude is 55 gallons – it is not, it is 42 gallons.

    2. The volume of refined product resulting from the original 42 gallons of crude oil is around 44 gallons – this is called “refinery gain.”

    3. At the top of the wikianswers answer it says the 42 gallons of crude yield “21 percent to 35 percent of gasoline”. That would be 9 to 15 gallons, and that is incorrect almost all the time. While the amount of gasoline yielded does indeed vary depending on the nature of the original crude oil, the average produced from the original 42 gallons of crude in one barrel is about 19.5 gallons, significantly higher than the values given. The answer there does get to that value (they say 20.5) later in the response, but with some exceptions such as very high gravity oil (asphalt) most crude will yield fairly close to that 19-20 gallons of gasoline per barrel value, out of about 44 gallons of products produced from the original 42 of crude.

    4. the statement “42 u.s. gallons of oil is estimated to be around 19.5 u.s. gallons of gas (natural gas) is a non-sequitur. Gasoline is not the same as (natural gas) and natural gas does not come in gallons unless liquefied.

    5. The statement “that a small percentage actually becomes gasoline” is incorrect inasmuch as it is around 45% for most crude.

    There is a graphic on the page linked below (disclaimer, it is my page) from the American Petroleum Institute showing the most common average yields of products from a 42-gallon barrel of crude. Yes, there are variations depending on the nature of the crude, but this is a good basic view of the products.



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