How much oil do most cars take?



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    It appears that smaller cars can take anywhere between 4-5 quarts of oil, while larger cars can take as much as 8 quarts of oil. However, the exact amount depends on the make and model of the car, and you should check your owner’s manual or your local car dealership.

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    The easiest way to judge how much oil is needed in your car is to check your dipstick.  When you remove the dipstick from your engine, wipe it clean and reinsert it.  Check the level of oil, and add oil if necessary until the oil line on the dipstick is between the manufacterers markers.  In some older cars, the oil may get “burned up” before the oil becomes bad and then it is necessary to add oil more often than the 3,000 mile mark.  Synthetic oil also last longer than traditional motor oil and will need to be changed less often.

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