How much oil a day are we using that comes from the gulf right now?



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    In terms of total oil + oil products consumption, the US Gulf supplies 1,734,000 of 18,860,000 barrels per day = 9%. Figuring crude oil only, it is 1,734,000 of 15,147,000 barrels per day of total crude oil consumption, or a bit more than 11% of our total crude oil use, including imports.

    The production from the Gulf of Mexico amounts to about 32% of US domestic crude oil produciton.

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    probably none.

    Chances are very good that what little crude comes from OUR gulf is being exported overseas while we import theirs.

    Which doesn’t make any sense at all, does it?

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      Not a drop – not one single drop – of “our” oil from the Gulf is exported anywhere. The US exports tiny amounts of crude oil, every bit of it to Canada, to save money — cheaper to transport to a nearby Canadian refinery than one in New Jersey or Texas. Not one drop of US oil in the Gulf goes anywhere but to the gas-guzzling citizens of the USA. In contrast, dozens of US companies do indeed take oil from Nigeria, Indonesia, Angola, and many other countries to bring to the US.

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