How much newspaper gets thrown away on daily basis?



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    Technically speaking, almost all of it–how often do you keep old newspapers around? They’re meant to be read once and discarded, or recycled for secondary use such as at the bottom of your parrot cage or wrapping up fish guts. If you mean “thrown away” as opposed to “recycled,” that’s difficult to tell, but it has been increasing as recycling alternatives have become more widespread. In 2006, about 53% of all paper used in the US, including newsprint, was recovered for recycling, which is actually pretty impressive given that the number has increased 20% over the previous 16 years. Newsprint tends to be recycled more often than other types of paper probably because people realize that newspapers are intended to be transient, making their wasteful features more prominent. There is an upper limit to the amount of newsprint that can physically be recycled because the wood pulp that goes into the paper is slightly degraded with each cycle through manufacturing. Consequently, a portion of each sheet of newsprint created has to be “virgin fiber,” meaning non-recycled.

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