How much of the negative impacts from agriculture come from the transportation process?



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    I haven’t been able to find an exact percentage of how much of the negative impacts from agriculture comes from the transportation. My research has indicated that it is actually the land conversion into agricultural land, animal farms, and fertilizers and pesticides.

    Agricultural activity accounts for 20% of the world’s total carbon dioxide emissions. Land conversion into agricultural land is a major factor because it clears land of plants and trees. The methods of clearing the land can also increase carbon dioxide emission.

    Animal farms also negatively impact the environment and the health of humans. When animals excrete feces, it contains strains of bacteria and protozoa that cause disease and infection in humans. These water-borne diseases are transferred nto the soil and eventually the water system, which is where humans pick up the disease or infection. Food-borne diseases are another way agriculture negatively impacts the environment and our health.

    Of course, fertilizers and pesticides can get into the soil and water systems and have adverse effects on our health as well.

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    The transportation costs of agriculture account for nearly twelve percent of the retail price. On average food travels 1500 to 2500 miles every time that it is delivered to the customer. This includes the mileage to processing or packaging facilities.

    As you might imagine, this contributes to CO2 emissions.

    There is a grocery store called Trader Joe’s Which makes great efforts to develop networks of farms, processing plants and stores which cluster from region to region. This reduces food costs and the amount of fuel used in transport.


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