How much of my table scraps can I compost?



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    The EPA has a comprehensive list of what should and should not be composted which I have linked below.  However for a brief overview,

    Do Compost:

    -Coffee grinds, spent filters, and tea bags


    -Fruits and Vegetables

    -Nut shells

    -Breads and Grains

    Don’t Compost:

    -Dairy products (yogurt, milk, butter, cream, cheese, eggs-excluding shells)


    -Fats, greases, or oils

    The reasons for the non-compost list are due to their tendency to rot and attract scavenger species as well as odor

    Other interesting things that can be composted are: human and pet hair, cardboard, cotton, fireplace ash, shredded paper, sawdust, etc….

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