How much of my household garbage is really recyclable



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    The exact percentage would vary depending on what products you buy, but a good amount of it is recyclable. Many of your food garbage, including eggshells, coffee grounds, fruit peels, and vegetable scraps, can be combined with your old newspapers, grass clippings, and dead leaves (as well as various other degradable materials) to create a compost. Much of your paper products, including junk mail, old magazines, and scrap paper can be recycled – just make sure you remove any staples or plastic coverings on envelopes. Most plastics, glass bottles, and cans are recyclable. Though not all centers take them, you can also recycle cardboard, styrofoam, juice cartons, batteries, ink cartridges, and scrap metal. Additionally, you can donate old clothing, books, furniture, and appliances to places like Salvation Army. Some items, like plastic packaging, certain food remains, ratty materials, and broken glass aren’t likely to be recyclable. Yet, there are a lot of innovative recycling projects going on, and a good amount of your garbage is likely recyclable. 

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