How much of my food waste can I compost?



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    You can compost most food waste, especially things like vegetable and fruit waste, meal left overs, coffee grounds, tea bags, stale bread, grains, and refrigerator spoils. Sometimes people do not compost foods that have been cooked in cooking oils because that attracts pests like mice or rats, but if your compost pile is in a secure location or if you have an outdoor cat than it shouldn’t be a problem. You can compost pretty much anything except animal products, like meat, fish, dairy, and grease. These products can attract maggots and negatively affect the health of your compost pile. Although, my family has composted for nearly twenty years and we live in the inner city and have never had a pest problem, and I know that we have composted things like animals bones and shell fish shells. Definitely check out the link in the citations below, because it lists many ways you can compost in different kinds of containers. 

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