How much more would you pay for something, like a pound of bananas, if you were assured that they were produced sustainably?



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    If the bananas were produced sustainably, I would pay around a dollar more for the bananas. If items were continued to increase in price then I personally would have to buy the regular food.

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    There’s almost no way that a pound of bananas that I would buy, in Massachusetts, could ever be sustainable when they are produced 1,000 miles away in South America. One of the most important things to can do toward being sustainable is to buy local, eliminating large shipping costs (in both money and resources, ie. oil) and stimulating the local economy.

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    I will pay 25%-50% more for foods that have been produced in a sustainable manner. Though, when locally-produced crops and prepared goods are in season, they’re sometimes cheaper. Combined with vegetables and herbs grown in my garden during the spring, summer, and autumn, this can balance out the more expensive items.

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