How much more water do plants need in hot weather?



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    It’s recommended that plants receive 3 to 4 times as much water during hot days as compared to cool days. In addition, you have to account for evaporation – by basically any standard, watering plants during the summer requires quite a bit of H2O.

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    It all depends on what type of soil the plants are in, if the plant has an irrigation system, is in the shade, etc. The plant needs to retain a balance of air and moisture, so you need to make sure you give the plant more water but are not drowning it. According to this article, you should “water long enough to allow moisture to penetrate completely through the plant rooting area, but no more often than necessary.” 

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    Like edmccoy11 said, there are many factors that affect a soil’s moisture content, which is ultimately why you need to water plants.

    The factors that affect moisture content of soil are myriad – rock and sand content, drainage, organic material content, shape of land, elevation of water table, nature of crop cover, etc. – so it is impossible to say whether or not your soil needs more water on a hot day than on a cool day. Probably yes, you will need more water – but how much? That can only be told when you take the other variables into consideration.

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