How much more money do hybrids cost than regular cars?



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    Hybrids don’t cost any more than cars of equal type and quality. The newest and most upgraded car of the Prius line costs $28,750; the newest and most upgraded Honda Accord, $29,930. The 2012 Acura RL $ 51,850. 

    The make of a car often has a lot to do with its price. Many sedan companies manufacture and market for luxury and a sleek look, these cars are much more expensive. There are also manufacturers that make low cost sedans, which are a about $8,000 less than a Prius. Prius’s and other hybrids are considered competitors with all sedan market segments because they are low mpg and they produce less emissions. 

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    aaron10 is right about how the make of a car has a lot more to do with the price than what fuel it uses. This is true with pure electrics as well. Since one of the most well-known electric cars on the market is Tesla’s luxury electric sports car, people get the mistaken impression that electric cars are more expensive than internal combustion engine vehicles. However, electric cars are very economical to produce. The main barrier is that auto manufacturers have been dragging their feet.

    To get an idea of what electric cars really cost, I recommend checking out some home conversion projects. My parents converted their own car after the internal combustion engine died. They decided to go electric when they found out that the cost for an electric motor and all of its components would cost the same as replacing the internal combustion engine. After that, they started saving money on fuel because powering a car with electricity costs a lot less than powering it with gas. The East Bay Electric Auto Association has a very good illustration on their website to show how this works.

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