How much more likely are women who eat hormone-treated meat to develop breast cancer than those who don’t?



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    It is tough to say how much more likely a person who eats hormone treated meat is to develop breast cancer.  It is very hard to avoid eating hormone treated meat.  There is one study that shows that hormone replacement therapy after a person first gets breast cancer increases the probability that they will get breast cancer by a factor of 3.3.  Hormones definitely play a role in breast cancer (especially estrogen), but since we are not guinea pigs, it is hard to put it into numerical terms. 

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    A well known Harvard study shows that younger women who frequently eat red meat are at an increased risk of forming breast cancer.  A study involving roughly 90,000 women in their 20s, 30s, and 40s showed that women who ate the most red meat were almost twice as likely to develop breast cancer as those who rarely ate it.  Although experts are unsure why red meat increases the risk of breast cancer, many link cattle hormone treatment as one of the major three possible factors.  Regardless of what the exact factors are, young women can reduce their risk of breast cancer by avoiding red meat as much as possible, not a bad idea for overall health either.

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