How much more heat would escape if it weren’t for green house gases?



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    Out of a total of 174 PW (petawatts) of incoming solar radiation, 33 PW is absorbed by atmosphere before it reaches the surface. Another 26 PW get absorbed from the heat radiated back into space from the surface. That’s 19% and 15%, respectively, which is 34% (more than a third) together.

    Based on another nice diagram (see citations for both), the GHG’s are responsible for the majority of that heat absorption in the atmosphere, pinpointing their effect at 350 W per square meter of surface (180 GJ) out of 452 W/m^2 total. This number is much larger because here we see are shown cycle of heat getting absorbed by atmosphere, passed back to the surface, emitted again, and so on.

    Perhaps a better statistic to look at would be the fact that without the greenhouse gases, the average temperatures would be around -18 C instead of current -14 C due to that cycle.

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