How much more efficient have wind turbines gotten in the last 10 years?



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    The Wind Turbine Company (WTC) began testing the prototype for their 250 kw 2-blade downwind turbine ten years ago.  The industry has come a long way since that prototype.  Wind farms in California took a hit in the 1990’s due to utility contracts expiring, but 1999 saw a resurgence in the development of wind power technology, particularly due to initiatives in Texas and Colorado.  Ten years ago, a horizontal grid of wind turbines could produce around 100W.  A Massachusetts based company called FloDesign is working on designing a wind turbine that could potentially produce a megawatt.  Prior to the advance, wind energy was thought to be subject to the Betz Limit that said that 59.3 percent of the total energy in wind was the maximum that could be captured:

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