How much more efficient can you drive if you hypermile?



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    By using these hypermiling tips and tricks you can beat your cars EPA and save some dollars:

    Use a lighter grade engine oil, which gets into all the small tight spaces allowing the engine to run more smoothly.

    Take out any items in your backseat or trunk that you are not using daily. The more you have in your car, the heavier it becomes and the less efficient your car will run.

    Turn off your car everytime you are stopped for a few minutes or longer. Turning the car on does not use more energy than idling.

    Any fixtures on the outside of the car reduce the efficiency of your car. Take off roof and bike racks when possible.

    Braking uses a good deal of energy. I won’t tell you not to break! That would be inefficient. However, you can start to plan your driving more and use your gas pedal as a means of saving energy by braking less. This may take some practice!

    Stick to regular octane gas. Higher octane gas costs more and pollutes more. In this case regular is best.

    Take it easy! As soon as you drive above 60mph your gas mileage becomes more inefficient. You will have to calculate whether time or cost is more of the issue in this case, but it’s worth thinking about.

    If you drive a stick shift, don’t take to long to switch into high gear. The lower gears are less fuel efficient becuase they use more RPMs.

    Cruise into savings. Cruise control is fuel efficient because you are maintaining your speed. Use it whenever possible.

    Escape the traffic. Stopping and going is fuel inefficient. Try to find routes that allow you to skip the traffic and find your destination sooner for gas savings.

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