How much more efficient are most hybrid models?



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    Hybrid technology varies from car to car; the Toyota Prius is functioning with different technology from the Honda Accord and Honda Civic hybrids, which use the same technology.  Toyotas and the Ford Escape take adventage of electric power by going into eco-mode at low speeds, as in city traffic, which greatly improves mileage.  The Hondas don’t do this.

    According to the EPA, the Honda Civic Hybrid gets 26 city mpg versus the Prius with 45.

    A side-by-side comparison of a 2010 Prius with a 2010 Toyota Corolla showed that the Prius gets about 50 mpg versus the Corolla’s 29.  These are in optimal conditions without air conditioner and going at the best speed for gas consumption, but if you need AC in the Prius, you need it in the Corolla, and both of their mileage will go down. 

    The hybrids—that are not SUVs—get a range of 33/34-48/45 (highway/city) while the best non-hybrid, non-diesel cars are getting more around 29/35.

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    Studies have found hybrid vehicles to be around 50% more efficient in terms of fuel usage/MPG. 

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