How much more do we waste by going out to dinner at restaurants?



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    That depends on what you make at home and what you eat when you go out. But, let’s assume that somebody buys fresh produce and meat and fewer frozen items, meaning that roughly $30 will be good for a week and a half for 1-2 people. If we then assume that somebody eats at roughtly $15 for dinner, and eats for a week and a half (around 10 days), that comes out to $150 a person, compared with $30 if the person cooked at home. The more people you factor in for families, the bigger that difference will be, as the cost to cook bigger servings at home is only slightly costlier versus paying for an extra dish at a restaurant.

    If you want to look at waste outside of money, a lot of gas is used up to drive to restaurants, not to mention any food not taken home is thrown out. Plus, eating out is generally unhealthier than eating at home, which means more waste from driving to the gym.

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