How much more are electric bills going to be for EV owners?



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    It all depends on where you live and how much electricity costs there (based mostly on how it is generated). “How Stuff Works” (operated by the Discovery Channel) provides a great example:

    Electricity in North Carolina is currently costs about 8 cents/kWh. It takes about 12kWh to recharge an electric car battery after a 50 mile trip. This equals about $1 to charge up your car, about 2 cents per mile. You may also take advantage of what’s called “time-of-use” billing, which is cheaper at night and would cut this cost projection in half.

    Charging an electric car has the potential to cost half as much as gasoline, or a quarter if you take advantage of the time-of-use billing concept. Just be prepared to shell out some big bucks when you need a new battery!

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    As bmalc889 said, it depends on the cost of electricity and the efficiency of the car. In many places, electricity costs more during the day than at night because it is in higher demand during the day. By charging an electric car at night when energy is cheap, electric car owners can easily run their vehicles on 2 cents per mile or less.

    An electric car can have electric mileage in the same sense that internal combustion engine vehicles have gas mileage. Electric mileage is measured in miles per kilowatt hour (mpkwh). A very heavy, home-built electric car can get 2 mpkwh. Cars will lightweight lithium-ion batteries can get more mpkwh. A heavy car may cost about 3 cents per mile to run.

    My dad also converted an electric car. He doesn’t know the exact mileage of it, but we stopped using the dryer at the same time, and the electric bill stayed the same. So, operating an electric car might cost you about the same as drying laundry in an electric dryer for three people.

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