How much of Montana is wild spaces?



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    Montana is the fourth largest state in the country, but has the third lowest population density. 3.7% of its 145,556 square miles are preserved as wilderness areas by the government.  To see a detailed read-out of wilderness statistics in Montana, click the following link:


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    In addition to the 3.7% that is wilderness, far more area of Montana (29% according to the link in the other area) could also be called “wild spaces” in that it includes things like national wildlife refuges, national forests, state parks (not included in the link’s total), etc. Some of those areas are multi-use and are not officially wilderness but they are still pretty “wild.”

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    Additionally, according to the same site, 7.42% (that number isn’t listed, but I did the math) of Montana is roadless land and potential wilderness. Plus, 20.6% of its land is covered by national forests (again, the number isn’t there, but I did the math given the acreage). If you add these numbers to the 29% public acres by managing agencies and the initial 3.7% wilderness estimate, you get 60.72%. I’d venture to say that this number is far more accurate in terms of land which isn’t generally habitated by humans.

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