How much money will it cost our agriculture industry if we passed a climate bill?



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    It depends on the bill and what it contains. Let’s consider two equally likely examples for possible stipulations of a bill.

    Example A: Positive Reinforcement to Go Green
    In this example farmers are offered tax breaks to switch to renewable energy, like methane capture on cow farms or composting debris. Another idea would be to offer rebates on buying drip irrigation systems. Both of these ideas would save farmers money in the long run, and subtly encourage them to go green.

    Example B: Negative Reinforcement to Go Green
    In this examples farmers are fined if they do not switch to renewable energy, or taxed at a higher rate. Instead of being offered incentives to go green, state legislatures pass laws compelling farmers to get drip irrigation systems or lose their business licenses. This is likely to drive a lot of farmers out of business and create much resentment.

    It is highly unlike for the Government to take the sort of a strong arm approach described in Example B. It would be much more logical to apply the soft methods mentioned in Example A.

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