how much money is spent on technology?



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    I think it depends on how you’re defining technology, and to whom you’re referring as the spender. If you mean the United States technology sector in terms of wall street, then according to PricewaterhouseCoopers, closed deal values of 2009 totalled approximately $36 billion. If we place the US military as the spender, we can safely say that in 2010, at least 226 billion was spent on technology (this was the budget of DARPA, or the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency).      

    At a micro-level, however, technology could potentially include a part of almost every aspect of one’s daily life. In an average American life for instance, one’s alarm clock, toothbrush, coffee machine, fridge/toaster, garage door opener, car, the traffic lights, the parking meter, sliding door, elevator, phone, computer, printer, lights – it’s all technology.

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