How much money is spent to support an animal shelter?



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    The cost of running an animal shelter is dependent on the conditions and the size of the shelter. One large animal shelter in Sacramento County has a capacity of 1,000 animals and was originally publicly-funded with a budget of $23 million. It was supposed to be a well-run and ideal shelter but recent budget cuts have threatened the shelter, cutting half of the workforce and forcing higher euthanasia rates because they cannot afford to run at full capacity any longer.

    As another example, a shelter in Darlington, SC is struggling with a budget cut down to $57,000. Many residents were angry about this cut, since salaries alone at the shelter added up to $80,000 for 7 people. 

    Another shelter, which is not publicly funded but is a non-profit no-kill animal rescue center called Paw’s Place, claims to have an operating cost of more than $2,500 / month, with about 50 dogs or puppies being supported at any one time. 

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